yechte expands in India

Our new office in Gurgaon opens its doors!

Namaste India...

After months of work, we have delivered on our promise to open the first yechte office in India.

Numbers in India are staggering and never cease to amaze us: 65% of India’s population is below 30 and highly educated, English speaking with most norms & value relatable to the western world. 20% of the current fortune 2000 senior management is Indian-American or from India. What's more, 1 Million people turn 18 in India each Month! India's focus on technology for decades now is a dream for any companies in the tech space.

view of the indian flag

In a nutshell

  • Start of our operations in India

  • Technical IT talent for staff augmentation offering

  • Focus on software, web and mobile development

  • Office based in Gurgaon, tech hub in the outskirt of New Delhi

  • 100% Zero emission office

  • Strong connectivity with Cyber Hub and Rapid Metro infrastructures


Our expansion takes place in the city of Gurgaon, a peripheral tech hub on the outskirt of the capital New Delhi. Witnessing rapid urbanisation, Gurgaon has become a leading financial and industrial hub with the third-highest per capita income in India. The choice of Gurgaon isn't random: it offers amenities and infrastructures of international standards, is closely connected to the Delhi Airport and has it's own Rapid Metro. It also supports a host of environmentally friendly initiatives and transportation systems that we wholly support.

rapid metro along golf course road in gurgaon

Focus on IT Staffing and Software Development

In India, we will focus on offering IT Staff augmentation capabilities. This means we will provide greater technical skill forces to our clients, with a focus on web and software development resources. Our staffing in India will be for IT technical resources, while we will continue to sources our Business and Management staff from the UK and Belgium.

yechte office for staff augmentation

What it means for you

We will continue to provide quality resources to work with you. Now on, we will have access to a much larger workforce, and recruitment has already started. The cherry on top: we have installed enough solar panels to generate the energy needed to operate as a carbon-neutral office. Full production, pure growth, and no negative impact on the environment! From the get-go, we meet our CSR 2020 targets.

enough solar panels to operate as a zero emission office

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