Odoo™ solutions are transforming businesses across the globe.

Affordable, flexible, and easy to manage.
Helping you and your business operate differently.

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For businesses of all sizes

Our goal is to help you build an efficient digital strategy supported by processes, business goals, and the latest technology. Additionally, our approach to Digital Transformation remains flexible enough to allow Change Management.

By leveraging frameworks such as Odoo™, we develop business solutions designed to meet your budget and operational processes, regardless of the size of your organisation.

Each of our solutions has been carefully crafted with quality at the heart of everything we do. We support you while our solutions ensure results through a customised success plan.

  • Case

    Spiti Roussas

    After years of failed attempts to modernise, the owners of Spiti Roussas had arrived at a place of clarity: it is time to digitise. The Greek Government-debt Crisis of recent years has forced many to embrace the use of technology. As an independent guest house, Spiti Roussas has always remained privately owned, no strings attached. It was essential therefore to keep it out of the vacation rental online marketplaces such as Airbnb and OYO, while modernising its digital presence.

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  • Case

    Tellin Clothing

    Making the fashion industry more innovative is a paradigm change; one best made via an ecosystem of open innovation and affordable tech. Tellin.shop is an innovative fashion brand that aims to put the customer at the centre of the user experience. It builds its brand reputation through the measured and careful acquisition of customers. yechte partners with tellin.shop to take ecommerce solutions into unchartered territories.

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