WordPress Micro Website
A single-page website is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable website. It provides all the necessary information without the complexity of a multi-page site. A single pager website is straightforward and easy to navigate. Visitors won't get lost in multiple pages, making it ideal for conveying essential details about your project or promotional campaign. A well-crafted single-page website tells a compelling story. By using interactive elements and a grid layout, you guide visitors toward your desired action—whether it's making a purchase, booking an appointment, or reading an article.

yechte's single-pager WordPress website offers affordability, simplicity, storytelling capabilities, fast loading times, mobile-friendliness, and ease of maintenance. If you're looking for an efficient web solution to promote your idea without breaking the bank, our WordPress Single Pager is perfect for you.
399.00 € 399.0 EUR
WordPress Basic Website
Our WordPress Basic website offers a powerful and flexible platform for your online presence. Leveraging the robust WordPress ecosystem, our team delivers excellent results with a fast turnaround time. The website is ideal for managing a blog or micro-business, organized around approximately five to ten web pages. Thanks to WordPress, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

Flexibility, a powerful ecosystem, ease of Content Management, with a fast turnaround delivery time. Whether you're starting a blog or managing a small business, our WordPress Basic website provides an excellent foundation. Order your WordPress Basic website today and experience the flexibility and efficiency of this powerful platform!
899.00 € 899.0 EUR
WordPress Advance Website
Our WordPress Advanced website offers a powerful and versatile solution for mature and demanding business owners. Leveraging the robust WordPress ecosystem, our team follows best-in-class principles in terms of UX design, branding and SEO. The result is an excellent online presence that impresses and fully engages your customers. With an infinite number of web pages possible, mega-menus, submenus, and deeper integration with a rich selection of plugins, our WordPress Advanced website provides virtually limitless design choices. Whenever you need a corporate website that fully reflects your ambitions, our WordPress Advanced solution delivers exceptional results.
1,999.00 € 1999.0 EUR
WordPress E-commerce Website
Everything that makes our WordPress Advanced solution so great, made even better! Our top-of-the-line WordPress Ecommerce website solution powered by WooCommerce is ideal for mature businesses looking to generate serious revenue online. With its robust features, scalability, and best-in-class practices, you'll be well-equipped to succeed in the competitive digital landscape. Its flexibility allows you to customize every aspect of your business, from product listings to checkout processes. Our team at yechte follows industry best practices for UX design, SEO, and digital marketing. We prioritize user experience, ensuring that visitors find your site super-intuitive and engaging. Whether you're selling a handful of products or managing an extensive catalog, WooCommerce can handle it all. You can sell physical products, digital downloads, subscriptions, or even bookings—all within the same platform!
4,999.00 € 4999.0 EUR
Latest v17
2D Barcode Generator App
For businesses seeking streamlined efficiency in asset management, the 2D Barcode app is an essential tool. This powerful application generates PDF417 barcodes, renowned for their high information density and versatile application across various industries such as logistics, identification, and inventory management. The app's intuitive design simplifies the creation and printing of these detailed barcodes directly from your Odoo dashboard, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

Yechte's 2D Barcode app embodies precision, ease of use, and comprehensive integration within your business's technological ecosystem. It's designed for adaptability, allowing for customization of barcode colors to match your company branding, contributing to a cohesive corporate identity. With features like efficient barcode management and exportation capabilities, the 2D Barcode app is the ideal choice for businesses intent on optimizing their operational workflow. If your goal is to enhance data management with precision and ease, look no further than our 2D Barcode app.
19.00 € 19.0 EUR
Employee Smart Attendance App
The Employee Smart Attendance App offers an effortless approach for employees to report monthly attendance directly through a front-end portal. Integrating automatic verification with HR processes, it ensures accuracy and efficiency in attendance management. This app stands out for its user-friendly design and streamlined submission flow, making it an indispensable tool for modern HR departments.
59.00 € 59.0 EUR
Employee Smart Timesheet App
The Employee Smart Timesheet App transforms the way timesheets are managed by offering an automated submission and approval system, designed for both accuracy and ease of use. It's the perfect tool for modern businesses seeking to streamline their time-tracking processes and enhance productivity.
49.00 € 49.0 EUR
Employee Smart Leave App
The Leaves Management App for Odoo transforms leave processing with its robust, configurable features that support everything from leave type definition to a comprehensive multi-level approval process. This app is perfect for businesses looking to automate and streamline their leave management efficiently, supporting multi-company structures with ease.
99.00 € 99.0 EUR
Employee Smart Expenses App
The Employee Smart Expenses App offers a seamless interface for employees to submit and manage their expense claims with ease. From detailed submission forms to automated verification and direct integration with HR and accounting departments, this app accelerates the reimbursement process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. It’s an indispensable tool for modern businesses seeking to optimize their expense management practices.
49.00 € 49.0 EUR
Lazy Loading App
Maximize your Odoo web site’s responsiveness and load efficiency with the Odoo web site Lazy Loading app. It’s an ingenious solution for enhancing user experience by strategically loading images as they come into view, significantly improving page loading times and saving bandwidth. The app integrates smoothly into your site, adding a sleek "fade-in" effect that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a modern, clean user interface.

Yechte’s Odoo web site Lazy Loading app is perfect for site owners who demand speed without compromising on the visual quality. It optimizes server load, which can be a game-changer for high-traffic sites, reducing server costs and resource usage. If you’re looking to boost your Odoo web site’s performance with a smart, efficient loading strategy, this app will set the standard for your online presence.
19.00 € 19.0 EUR
Employee Vaccine Information App
For organizations prioritizing health and safety, the Employee Vaccine Information App is a pivotal addition to the HR suite. This tailored application allows for the meticulous recording of employees' vaccination statuses, integrating seamlessly with the 'hr' module in Odoo. It simplifies the tracking of vaccination progress, from initial doses to booster shots, and secures the storage of vaccination certificates for easy retrieval and verification.

Yechte's Employee Vaccine Information App app not only ensures compliance with health regulations but also facilitates responsible workplace management. By offering a clear overview of employee health data and enabling the generation of comprehensive reports, it empowers HR professionals to make informed decisions. For companies aiming to maintain a safe working environment while efficiently managing health records, this app is an indispensable resource.
9.00 € 9.0 EUR
Agile Compendium
Discover the essence of Agile methodologies with "The Agile Compendium" eBook by yechte. Tailored for IT consultants and students, this eBook demystifies Agile principles, Scrum Ceremonies, and efficient team operations. Enriched with exquisite diagrams and expert annotations, it serves as an invaluable resource for mastering Agile concepts and tools. Prepare for the IT Agile landscape and technical interviews with 40 challenging questions carefully selected by seasoned consultants.
12.00 € 12.0 EUR
ADKAR Compendium
The "ADKAR Compendium" by yechte is an essential resource for IT consultants and students eager to master the ADKAR change management method. This professional eBook delves into all aspects of ADKAR, offering clear definitions, concepts, and practical guidance for effective implementation within existing projects. Enriched with vivid diagrams and insightful annotations, it's crafted by industry experts to not only educate but also challenge readers with 20 technical questions. Prepare to excel in technical interviews and embrace ADKAR with this comprehensive guide.
9.00 € 9.0 EUR
London HD Photos
yechte presents a collection of 30 free high-resolution photographs of London, a tribute to the city's architectural grandeur. This exclusive compilation, offered as a complimentary gift to our fans, features cityscapes that encapsulate the essence of London's urban beauty. Each image is a testament to the city's modernity, showcasing iconic high-rises and cutting-edge designs.

From the shimmering facades of Canary Wharf, London invites viewers on a journey through the heart of one of the world's most vibrant cities. With a free creative license, these images are a feast for the eyes and a resource for creatives alike, encouraging artistic expression and appreciation for London's skyline. This collection is an invitation to explore, create, and be inspired by the architectural marvels of London. Enjoy this visual odyssey, where every picture is a story waiting to be told.
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Brussels HD Photos
yechte presents a collection of 40 free high-resolution photographs of Brussels, a visual celebration of the city's architectural landscapes. This exclusive compilation, available for free under a creative license, is our way of thanking our fans and followers. The collection captures the essence of Brussels, featuring some of its remarkable contemporary structures and skylines.

It also includes serene landscapes that provide a contrast to the urbanity, offering viewers a comprehensive portrayal of Brussels' dual character. From the sleek lines of the European District to the greenery that surrounds it, each image is a testament to the city's unique blend of tradition and modernity. This gift to our community is an invitation to explore and appreciate the beauty of Brussels, through the lens of yechte's perspective.
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