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What is yechte?

yechte is an IT consultancy firm that specialises in Change Management. It was founded in the UK in 2010 by Ben Tellin. Today, it operates 3 offices globally and is connected to a network of 100s of consultant specialists worldwide.

The name yechte is an acronym that stands for Young Entrepreneurial Company Highly Technically Enabled.

Essentially, it symbolises the company’s philosophy: a young and ambitious company driven by technological values.

yechte offers IT consultants “on-demand”, meaning that these consultants are deployed to work with you on your projects. Our consultants usually specialise in Change Management related services. This covers Business Analysis, Functional Analysis, Project Management and Business Intelligence.

yechte also offers ERP development and integration services Small and Medium-Sized Companies..

There are 3 main benefits to working with our consultants:

  • We are cost-effective: we tend to be 15-25% more affordable than the average IT consultancy firm, due to our low-cost engagement model and high level of flexibility. We operate with low overheads because we encourage remote work and flexible work models, which means a lot of savings for you

  • We are highly specialised: we are the boutique option, specialising in Change Management. That means a high level of expertise in the field, which means more efficiency and a better return on investment for you

  • We are flexible: a large network of consultants specialists that will adapt to your needs and work environments. We accommodate flexible working hours and remote work if needed


It depends on the consultant’s skills and seniority level, the nature of the work and the duration of the engagement. Each engagement is unique but usually, our consultants are billed between 350€ and 700€ per day of work. Feel free to discuss your budget with us.

Usually, our engagement starts on a 3 months-basis minimum. This engagement can easily be renewed and extended, depending on your needs and budget. On longer engagement, we can offer more competitive rates. Feel free to discuss your timeline with us.

Many! We remain flexible and open to various types of commercial engagements. Typically, our engagement is for full-time work (5days per week, Mon-Fri) but we can also consider part-time engagements (1/2 or 1/3 week) and flexible working hours. It depends on your needs and budget. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

It is simple: just fill in the following form and one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly. Try to fill it as accurately as possible for faster allocation of the right candidate.

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