What does Digital Transformation mean to your Organisation?

Digital is the word as the world is moving towards digitization

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is defined as turning all the manual work efforts of your business into interconnected digital flows through technology. It is the incorporation of the digital technology in all areas of a business by performing some organisational changes on the operations for delivering the best to the people we serve.

Many big organisations like Deloitte, Infosys or even Banks have formed their own digital consultancies for providing digital aid to their customers. For instance, a user-friendly mobile banking application has reduced the greatest efforts of all the customers by allowing on-the-go bills payments.

There is a lot to expect in the year 2018 in the IT market. The IT industry in 2017 had experienced slowdowns because of restrictions imposed by the US government. We would expect 2018 to be a better year for IT techies in the expansion of hiring from one of the major segment -- fintech companies.

According to India Today, global in-house centres would hire at least 60k employees in this year for their back-office operations. Also, fortune 500 non-tech companies are setting up new IT centres in India. Banks would be expanding their IT centres in this year. Fintech is another important area, having a huge scope in the expansion of hiring. There are many industries where we can expect a wider range of job recruitment in the year 2018:

  • IT Industry

  • E-commerce

  • Healthcare and Pharma

  • Fintech

  • Banking

The reasons why we can expect an increase in recruitment opportunities this year is because digital is the main concern for every customer-facing organisation. Artificial intelligence is changing the trend, the technology has transformed almost everything for reducing manual work which indeed results in the high demand of the IT aided professionals and developers.

Furthermore, jobs that cannot be automated have their fine scope in the year 2018. These are healthcare and labour-intensive jobs like hotel waiters, drivers, and construction labour.

The interview process will become more transparent. Job seekers can expect more transparency and visibility in the process and jobs they have applied for, by expecting proper live updates on their application status.

Key challenges of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a very necessary step for every business but very challenging as well for the following reasons:

  1. Organisational structure change adaptability

  2. Lack of proper digitization strategy approach

  3. Limited resources and budget

  4. Lack of digital expertise to lead

  5. Motivational lack in employees

  6. Change in cost

Apart from the above challenges, it is important that an organisation should maintain a fine balance between the fastest changing technology and their acceptance towards accelerating evolutions with the digital transformations.

For this, the digital consultant of an organisation should have the proper insights and tech updates daily to reap the benefits of new technology.

How to conduct a Digital Transformation?

The major concern in an entrepreneur’s mind is to plan how to start with a digital transformation. Yechte can help to grow your business in three strategic areas to perform the transformation through:

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Business Transformation

  • Transformation Strategy:
    We tell you how we can perform the transformation in your industry through the implementation of proper digital strategic management.

  • Opportunity Identification:
    We identify the market and seize up the distinct market opportunities through the digital advancement.

  • New Product Development:
    Upgradation of the existing product with the emerging technology.

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Experience Design

  • Solution Planning and Prototyping:
    We plan for your project, understands its needs and prototype various options.

  • Design and Development:
    We design, code, build and even test your scalable product.

  • Platform Integration and Management:
    We manage the iterations and updates by performing the integration of your product into the live environment.

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Commerce Activation

  • Campaign and Media Planning:
    We make proper strategies and digital campaign for marketing your product.

  • Campaign Creation:
    We create and manage your campaigns during the product's lifecycle.

  • Conversion Optimisation and Management:
    We optimise the impact of your product on your industry that would help you in analysing your return on investment.

Likewise, we help a business grow in the digital direction. Let us know in the comments section below if your business is also facing some challenges regarding the digital transformation.

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