Digital Partner

All the expertise needed to operate a successful digital project

An end-to-end approach to digital delivery, with a thorough business analysis and research mindset. We make sure you perform online with smart content.

Digital Consultancy

We engage clients and consumers in three strategic areas

Business Transformation

  • Transformation Strategy :
    Advising you on how to transform your industry through digital change management

  • Opportunity Identification :
    Identifying and seizing unique market opportunities through digital disruption

  • New Product Development :
    Augmenting your existing established products with the latest technology

Experience Design

  • Solution Planning and Prototyping :
    Planning your project and prototyping various options for your product

  • Design and Development :
    Designing, coding, building and testing your new scalable product

  • Platform Integration and Management :
    Integrating your product into the live environment and managing its iterations and updates

Commerce Activation

  • Campaign and Media Planning :
    Preparing the strategies and digital campaign for marketing your product

  • Campaign Creation :
    Creating and managing your campaigns during the course of your product's lifecycle

  • Conversion Optimisation and Management :
    Optimising the impact your product can have on your industry and improving your ROI

Business Services

Know more and achieve more with clearly defined business objectives

young man working on a workflow diagram

Business Analysis (BA)

Our business acumen helps us plan the ROI roadmap.

The decreasing cost of technology forces you to create a competitive advantage. Failure to respond to technological environments makes you more vulnerable to competition. But outspending others isn't necessary.

Instead, a solid Business Analysis is key to building a healthy ROI. We capture your requirements, define your project's use cases and write your specifications. The combination of these elements is essential for your project delivery.

prototype and wireframe

User Experience (UX)

A user-centred approach to drive engagement and conversions.

Our User Experience embodies 3 concepts – ergonomy, engagement, and practicality of the solution. It goes from the definition of your project to the interactive prototyping of your ideas.

We provide an end-to-end UX service. Wireframes, graphical mock-ups, interaction design and platform-specific benchmarking. By focusing on your business fundamentals, we deliver a UX that maximises the value of your brand.

web analytics graph

Business Intelligence (BI)

We help you define and measure meaningful key performing indicators.

Identifying opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights. It gives businesses a market advantage. BI comprises of the strategies needed for the analysis of your business.

We set the key performing indicators important for your business and track performance. We then present the data in a comprehensive way to draw conclusions to adapt your strategies. BI tools empower you to gain insight into new markets and to gauge the impact of your marketing.

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kanban board and sprint plan

Digital Project Management (PM)

We provide an Agile way to Project Management, and technology support.

Engagement : Sprint planning, capacity monitoring. Management, resources, tasks.

Production : Problem-solving, analysing trends. Root cause analysis, glitches fixes.

Release : Setting up test environments, release and activities coordination. Emergency releases, build and code deployment, releases calendar, configuration management.

Modernisation : Modernisation service to legacy systems, minimise disruption. Addressing different technology platforms and high maintenance cost.

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Digital Marketing

Create the content and strategies to engage better with your audience

web interface with a content section

Content Strategy

Establish the content strategy that solidifies your message online.

Better content means better business. We remain consistent when creating your content strategy, by defining its structure. So how can we achieve the most value for your content online? This is how yechte can help:

  • Define the tone of voice and its core message

  • Define the processes to follow your strategy

  • Make informed decisions on how to manage your content

  • Build a business case for your content strategy

  • Sustain, iterate and enrich your content over time

web interface with page indexing and linking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Create excellent content that solidifies your position online.

SEO helps you remain relevant and visible to your audience. We deploy the SEO strategies to maximise your online ranking and grow your network. Long-term SEO strategies can help you reach critical mass. This is how yechte can help:

  • Conduct a full website audit and multi-lingual SEO strategy

  • Smart tagging, precise Metadata and search engine prioritisation

  • Inwards and outwards link building, optimisation of media streams

  • Keywords testing, connecting you to wider search engines crawlers

  • Performance monitoring and adaptability of your content

social media channels optimisation and marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM opens incredible avenues for greater exposure online.

Through the use of marketing on Social Media, you can improve audience's engagement. This is how yechte can help:

  • Social Media channels analysis

  • Online communication optimisation and behaviour analysis

  • Blog, API integration, and online marketing

  • Traffic, engagement and click-through rate monitoring

  • Performance, traffic and conversion rate monitoring

web guerrilla tactics and social media growth hacks

Growth Hacking

"Guerrilla Warfare" techniques to grow online quicker than the competition.

Use the fast lane to grow quicker than your competition. Growth hacking gives you the edge by maximising the impact of your social media. This is how yechte can help:

  • Automated social media flow of news

  • Online social hacks and trends analysis

  • Automated campaign strategies

  • Content generation, minified links, and trackback tags

  • Online contests, rewards, and dynamic infographics

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