Top 5 Digital Trends to Watch Out in 2018

2018 looks like an exciting year with the constant adaptation of new trends

In 2018, we have witnessed a lot of changes in digital trends and maybe we can expect even more in the next half of the year. A few trends have rocked 2017 and we can expect them trending this year too.

The digital marketing experts are also very keen on experimenting with the latest trends that can influence their marketing efforts in this year.

We have experienced and some predicted trends listed below to continue in 2018.

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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is going to shape the future by promptly mining the data stores for real-time applications and machine learning in the year 2018.

Big Data is defined as the process of monitoring the large data sets containing a variety of different data types like Big Data to explore hidden patterns, new market trends, unknown correlations, customer choices, and other useful information etc.

Digicor – one of the IT infrastructure solutions providers has the future of Big Data analytics to transform the business by building efficiencies.

Companies and organisations can have multiple benefits from the Big Data Analytics that includes better and effective marketing campaigns, improvised customer services, new revenue opportunities. Big Data Analytics helps businesses in narrowing their Big Data to the significant information and then after analysing it to form important business decisions. It also helps in innovating new things and driving best according to the changes in the market.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is the new trend to be seen in the year 2018. This has been assumed that 80% of the work will move to digital by the year 2020. It is considered to be one of the biggest and the most effective technology.

The concept of hybrid cloud is defined as the combination of one or more than one private cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform—with a private cloud platform (which is designed by a single enterprise or IT firm). Both the private and public clouds work independently and communicate with each other over an encrypted connection, using some technology.

How is Hybrid cloud perfect for your business?

• It maintains the security of critical data.

• It helps to reduce cost and save time.

• It improves network security.

• It is best in running the workloads and maintaining high performance for important data.

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Virtual Reality

VR isn't exactly a new trend, but what you will be keeping your eyes on is the latest uses of it. As VR was almost exclusively meant for the purposes of entertainment, business and organisations are now coming up with an opportunity of pulling VRs for commercial purposes also which will include shopping or a deeper vision inside what helps a business run.

Augmented Reality (AR) is further working its way out into the B2C area. Demonstrations on the enhancement of a gaming experience from Google and Apple and the brands like Lkea and Wayfair have been using the VR technology for things like the home decor —are few of the consumer-oriented use cases.

AR first made its name in the B2B sector for the trade show purposes and enhancing information delivery to analysts. Thereafter, it continues to build its presence in the consumer sector as well. As the technology updates, many of the uses --it was originally meant for will also continue to evolve, giving an opportunity to many business-oriented marketers.

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We all know that 2017 has been a great year for the cryptocurrency. Hence, we can expect a good buzz for blockchain in the year 2018 also.

A Blockchain is a digitized, decentralised and a public uneditable ledger in which information is recorded and secured for all cryptocurrency transactions. In this, the recent transactions are not only recorded but also added in a synchronised manner which allows the participants to have a proper track of their digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping.

Blockchain ensures continuous settlement because it’s an absolute ledger which executes contracts between peers and transacts in a cryptographically safe manner.

This is a smart, distributed ledger that autonomously executes contract terms with the implementation of few lines of code, thus eliminating the need for intermediaries that helps the investors to engage by enabling the digital security concerns.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven technologies have been influencing many businesses to adopt its principles to reduce the manpower. The machines are challenging the human’s efficiency. So, in order to improvise the marketing strategy, many digital marketers are looking to integrate AI features into their business.

For example, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) brings about 80% of the cost savings with the guarantee of almost 100% accurate results. We can see how the “intelligent supporters” have taken away the human interactions with the customers in big complex organisations. Chatbots that use speech recognition and AI to process and respond to customer requests, is the biggest example. It saves a lot of time and efforts of humans.

Voice command and face recognition technology are also two of the well-known examples of AI.

What more can we expect from AI?

Two key things were identified—the first being communication between machines and humans just like the way we speak to each other, with better Natural Language Processing (NLP). The second one is the ability of AI technology to build trust and reduce bias among users. These AI systems, when executed successfully, can explain things why it makes certain recommendations of the actions taken.

Thus, to remain intact with the trends, we need to observe a number of factors. We can’t simply stick to the specific trends for our business because it is an ever-changing process and it may change. We have to keep an eye at the current trends to predict anything in the future. 2018 looks like an exciting year with the constant adaptation of new trends in the digital era. So, to match up with the changing technologies, all business leaders should stay a step head to beat the competition.

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