Making the fashion industry more innovative is a paradigm change; one best made via an ecosystem of open innovation and affordable tech. is an innovative fashion brand that aims to put the customer at the centre of the user experience. It builds its brand reputation through the measured and careful acquisition of customers. yechte partners with to take ecommerce solutions into unchartered territories.

Industry: Fashion

The Challenge

  • Every year, the world uses more resources than our planet can sustain. With fashion as one of the most polluting industries, wanted to shift from the larger “take-make-waste” consumption model to a more responsible cycle that involves local talent and resources.
  • As a self-funded start-up, this clothing brand aims to innovate in an often-saturated industry, one that puts emphasis on style rather than substance. We needed a digital solution that allowed the business to innovate freely with very few technical constraints.
  • The concept is to propose clothes that reinvent the smart casual attire for people of all horizons. An experience centred around the individual and its hectic lifestyle.
  • A new business with relative low exposure to digital technologies, a desire to produce lean results fast.
  • A brand that required a large degree of freedom to evolve its business model over time. A need for agility in day-to-day operations to respond better to short development cycles.

Transformative Solution

  • Statement: A fashion start-up acquiring knowledge and skills to develop and scale its ideas into a fully-fledged ecommerce business. A business that aims to advance the fashion debate with clothes that are elegant and suitable for everyday stress.
  • Co-creation: Involving the consumer as much as possible into the definition of the solution through workshops and focus-groups.
  • Measured: a phased roll-out plan that involves a community of fans from start through to launch. A soft launch of a first “brochure” website while the business was designing its collections. A second launch with embedded ecommerce solutions, including sales, invoices, multiple payment gateways, inventory management, an interactive blog and a dedicated VIP membership section.
  • Active elegance: creating an elegant garment, free of superficiality and designed for everyday situations. The digital solution provided by yechte embodies this same idea: affordable and powerful yet elemental in its execution.

The Business Impact

Conversion rate

High customer-acquisition rates since the platform is designed around a concept of membership and affiliation

4500+ followers

A community of more than 4500 followers that actively support the brand and the vision of its owners

Flexible business

A digital solution that is scalable, cost-effective and easily manageable for its owners

"Our clothes are made for the overlap of life and work. Moments where you need to adhere to your best self. We call it active elegance"

Bjorn - founder, France

  • Case

    Spiti Roussas

    After years of failed attempts to modernise, the owners of Spiti Roussas had arrived at a place of clarity: it is time to digitise. The Greek Government-debt Crisis of recent years has forced many to embrace the use of technology. As an independent guest house, Spiti Roussas has always remained privately owned, no strings attached. It was essential therefore to keep it out of the vacation rental online marketplaces such as Airbnb and OYO, while modernising its digital presence.

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