We worked alongside the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment (IFSU) to develop a customised ERP solution and new website. IFSU’s organic and free-spirited nature required some organizational planning and restructuring: consolidation of data and adoption of technology. yechte’s contribution has been to help IFSU by consolidating requirements from a diverse range of stakeholders and delivering the digital platform that groups all these institutions under one umbrella.

Industry: Wellbeing and Mindfulness

The Challenge

  • As a non-profit non-sectarian organisation, IFSU aims to share its meditation teachings with as many people as possible globally. IFSU needed a digital solution that centralises in a structured manner all its content: thousands of transcripts, lectures, videos and audio files.
  • Greater exposure to the digital world using centralised applications helps IFSU spread its message of mindfulness and peace far beyond its usual reach.
  • Conscious of the need to modernise its set-up, IFSU was looking for an improved way to connect with modern users as well as its existing core base.
  • IFSU wanted to simplify the way it engages with its members, and to make its knowledge available in an intuitive manner.

Transformative Solution

  • Tech meets the human soul: as we centralised a large amount of data, we used metadata to link all the content around meaningful key categories. This makes the content dynamically available.
  • Spreading a message: the system we deployed gives any user access to a vast amount of information. It allows users to download content and engage with the wider community of practitioners.
  • Physical and virtual: creating the space for all meditation-related events, be it physical or digital. Using videoconferencing technology, IFSU was able to circumvent the hurdles of Covid19 by organising online meditation events and seminars.
  • Common cause: the system deployed makes it easy for each school to publish its own content, keeping some autonomy while remaining part of a greater ensemble.

The Business Impact

1000s Teachings

Consolidating thousands of meditation teachings, and making them available to everyone

100% Free

Creating a rich and diverse online experience by taking a multichannel approach that is totally free

1000s Members

Thanks to smarter tech, IFSU is able to teach meditation to thousands of students across the globe

"We are happy and grateful to work with the team at yechte. They understood our requirements right away, work quickly and have been professional throughout"

Lynsey Beauchamp - IFSU Teacher, UK

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