Why are we All Afraid of AI?

Artificial Intelligence poses threats and opportunities for mankind

  Artificial Intelligence popularly known as AI is one of the most debatable technological breakthroughs today. Many smarter machines and devices are already being added to many businesses and industries with a huge impact. AI has taken over many human efforts and replaces humans. So, should we really be scared about the future?

When people see machines that respond like humans, this made them think in depth about the future of automation and artificial intelligence like robots taking over their jobs in the future. However, some people still think that their jobs are not at risk which leads to a big endless debate over the pros and cons.

Computer specialists have been working for years on AI technologies and we can now see the results in the form of “alter ego”. It is a personal guide that monitors human’s communication, habits, and helps them to schedule timings and motivate the team to perform better.

Can we completely rely on Automation for all work?

What are the fears we all have?

Misuse of AI

Going forward, researchers will find more ways of eradicating errors through AI. With each generation passing, the machines are just getting better  at handling the errors. This increases the risk of unintended consequences, hence why they should be treated before being applied to the real world. While neuroevolution might reduce the likelihood of unexpected consequences, it doesn’t prevent us from misuse. There is always the likelihood of things getting out of hand by the machines.


If the machines keep on improving in the future, it may certainly surpass human intelligence. How will a human justify its existence in front of a super intelligent system that is capable to do things better than us? The machines could treat us like lower beings in the future. However, we should also understand that AI only operates under very specific limitations defined by the algorithms that dictate its behaviour.

Automation risks

Most of the people worry about robots and automation because of the advancement they see in the technology field. For instance, a self-driven car starts taking you to the desired location by following the commands and takes away the need for a human driver. That's not only the one instance, the internet is full of the news about some form of robots or automation. This uncertainty, rapid spread of information and speculation has become a driver of fear.

Unforeseeable future

AI-driven system failure occurs due to the unintended consequences. We can see in many complex systems like NASA’s space shuttle, the RMS Titanic, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, engineers have layered many different components together. The designers may have known well how about each element worked solely but didn’t know much about how they all worked together.

So as AI designs get even more complex and computer processes even faster, their skills improve. That will lead us to give our machines more responsibility, even as the risk of unexpected consequences arise. But, it is next to impossible to create a perfectly safe system.

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