Knud Nielsen Art Gallery in Denmark

yechte launches the brand-new website of Knud Nielsen Art Gallery's in Denmark

Yechte, a company priding itself for its innovation, collaboration, and expertise in digital transformation announces the launch of a new website for an art gallery in Denmark 🇩🇰

Danish Avant-garde

Knud Nielsen's legacy endures as a symbol of avant-garde and freedom of expression, 
continually inspiring contemporary artists.

Efterårsfantasi - Knud Nielsen's avant-garde artistic expression

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Knud Nielsen Webiste

With this in mind, we have recently been commissioned to developed the website of the art gallery of late CoBrA-painter maestro Knud Nielsen in Denmark, leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Odoo 16 (Community Edition) in the process. This initiative includes a strategic focus on digitising the painter’s portfolio and enhancing the website's UI/UX and responsiveness. The simplified menu allows users to explore the gallery, stay informed about ongoing events, and embark on Nielsen’s artistic journey. The decision to use Odoo is grounded in its outstanding features:

  1. 🚀 Performance: Odoo 16 ensures that speed is at the core of your business operations, with backend pages loading nearly four times faster than conventional platforms.
  2. 🛡️ Enhanced Security: Security is a top priority featuring two-factor authentication and IP whitelisting to provide peace of mind. These measures ensure that sensitive data remains protected against potential threats.
  3. 🌎 Global Reach: In our interconnected global landscape, reaching a diverse and expansive audience is crucial. Odoo 16 offers robust multi-language support, enabling businesses to expand their horizons and connect with art connoisseurs worldwide.

Optimised Speed

By using the latest open source version of Odoo, 
we have considerably improved the loading times of the site.

Odoo 16 vs Odoo 15 - backend pages loading nearly four times faster

Knud Nielsen Digital Gallery

The Knud Nielsen Digital Gallery transcends being a mere space for art appreciation—it embodies a welcoming guest house that seamlessly merges art with Danish hospitality

Nielsen's legacy endures as a symbol of avant-garde spirit and freedom of expression, continually inspiring contemporary artists. Explore how his unwavering dedication to experimentation serves as a timeless source of inspiration, ensuring that Nielsen's influence remains impactful and relevant in the 21st century through digital innovation.

yechte is glad to support Knud Nielsen's Art Gallery to continue to empower individuals on their artistic journeys. Explore the website today and see how yechte could help your business grow too.

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