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yechte launches IFSU (International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment)'s brand new Odoo website

🚀 In a significant step towards enhancing the experience for online meditation, yechte has launched IFSU (International Foundation for Spiritual Unforldment)'s brand-new website, built on Odoo 16 (on Bootstrap) and Nginx. This state-of-the-art platform brings together the ancient wisdom of meditation with a modern ERP and e-commerce website, catering to seasoned meditaters and those beginning their journey towards inner peace. Among the new features:

📅 Revamped Events Section: The new IFSU website introduces a brand new Events Section, simplifying the process of staying updated on meditation retreats and seminars. Users can effortlessly browse, register, and take part in these transformative events, making their meditation journey more accessible and engaging.

🛒 New E-Shop: For those seeking meditation aids and resources, the website's e-shop offers a growing range of products, from guided meditation recordings to meditation transcripts. This e-commerce platform improves the shopping experience, delivering IFSU's meditation essentials directly to its users.

🌟 Modernised User Experience (UX): The website's intuitive design invites visitors to explore the world of meditation with ease. Its responsive interface adapts to various devices, keeping a consistent and enjoyable experience. Users can effortlessly navigate through the website, finding valuable content and resources easily.

📱 Optimised for Users "On-The-Go": IFSU recognizes the fast-paced world we live in. Hence, the new website is optimised for quicker loading times, responsive design, and compatibility with all modern web browsers. This ensures a smooth, enjoyable experience for all users.

yechte is glad to support IFSU to continue to empower individuals on their spiritual journeys. Explore the website today and see how yechte could help your business grow too.

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yechte trademarked in UK, India, and Benelux
"yechte" has become a trademarked brand across the UK, India and Benelux.