Happy 23

Best wishes for 2023 from yechte

Dear friends,

This year we have been surprised by a war taking place on Europe's doorstep. The consequences are hitting the whole of society hard. In business, rising energy and labour costs are once again putting SMEs such as yechte to the test. yechte is under pressure.

Ecologically speaking, this crisis will only speed up the long-awaited energy transition needed.

Economically speaking, our governments are taking initiatives such as new employment measures. Once the smoke clears, the economy will hopefully return to growth.

Yet, when we make our end-of-year wishes, we prefer to look forward with a positive outlook.

We will tackle this crisis with the same creativity, innovation, and agility that yechte is known for. We will strive.

With our impeccable service and level of commitment, we don't want you to worry. As we move ahead to the new year, new tools will be adapted and developed to optimise and digitise our activities further. Our managers, advisors, lawyers, and consultants are all happy to take your feedback. We will continue to improve our value proposition.

Thanks for being part of our story, and for allowing us to help you.

You can count on us to be there for you next year too!

Best wishes for 2023

Ben Tellin

New Brussels Office
yechte has a cool new address in Brussels, Belgium