Belgium E-Government

yechte actively working on an ICT project with the Belgian government

Belgian National Pension Office

ONP - RVP, the Belgian National Pension Office works with yechte among many other agencies on core applications of more than 2,000,000 pension attribution and pension payment calculation. ONP-RVP is currently integrating this new technology in the context of a major IT project realised with Java & J2EE technologies.

Pension applications in Belgium

The Belgian National Pension Office is facing the difficult challenge of adopting quickly frequent Belgian regulation modifications while ensuring timely and accurate pension payments.

Perspective for pension care

Another important mission of the Belgian National Pension Office is to inform both future and present pensioners. In this context, current solutions will be extended. yechte, among other things, is actively supporting the local teams with consultancy services, business analysis, functional documentation and project management assistance.

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