After years of failed attempts to modernise, the owners of Spiti Roussas had arrived at a place of clarity: it is time to digitise. The Greek Government-debt Crisis of recent years has forced many to embrace the use of technology. As an independent guest house, Spiti Roussas has always remained privately owned, no strings attached. It was essential therefore to keep it out of the vacation rental online marketplaces such as Airbnb and OYO, while modernising its digital presence.

Industry: Hospitality

The Challenge

  • The recent Greek Crisis has impacted the Greek economy and tourism, which has forced many small business owners to completely rethink the way they operate. Many Greek businesses have had to modernise. Spiti Roussas shifts away from hectic and overly-commercial forms of tourism, to propose a holiday experience that is sustainable and respectful of the local community.
  • Business owners that operate on a small budget, needing a digital solution that allowed the business to innovate freely with very few technical constraints.
  • Promoting a holiday experience that remains authentic and offers the very best local experience.
  • A new business with relatively low exposure to digital technologies, with a desire to produce lean results fast. Therefore, yechte had to select a framework that is easy to manage.
  • A need for agility in day-to-day operations to respond better to short development cycles and ongoing change.

Transformative Solution

  • Quality statement: A new website that highlights the beauty of the place (Guest House + Island). An offering that aims to propose an alternative holiday experience, one that focuses on genuine local Greek Mediterranean experience, with the utmost authenticity.
  • Locally rooted: Adding value to the website by linking it to local partners, promoting a local economy that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Spiti Roussas offers avenues for local businesses to connect with its platform and promote the local eco-tourism and community.
  • Consolidation: an end-to-end digital solution built on Odoo that covers all the client’s needs, including a website, modules for sales, invoices, multiple payment gateways, an interactive blog and a booking system.
  • Independence: a guest house that remains 100% independent, always. Removing it from the large vacation rental online marketplaces and offering a unique holiday experience, with no hidden fees, costs or strings attached.

The Business Impact

100% independent

A holiday experience that promotes the local circular economy and remains truly independent

500+ monthly visits

A new website that attracts more than 500 unique visitors monthly

4 Days

A fast project delivery around a 4-day development cycle, from concept design to launch

"After years of failed attempts to improve our processes and website in incremental steps, we had arrived at a place of clarity: it’s time to digitise fully"

Breeyana Borum – Spiti Roussas owner, Greece

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