yechte's new branding

What's in a redesign? How did we modernise our branding?

Ever wondered what's in a redesign?

At the start of 2016, we decided to give a facelift to our brand, to modernise it for the next 10 years or so. With that came a series of changes, some more drastic than others. So what exactly did we go through when we attended to modernise our brand? What drove us to conduct those changes?

A new formula

The starting point in changing our brand was to give yechte a fresh new look. Over the years we had realised that the brand had become stale and fixed. It did not excite anymore, as it originally did. As we were moving into a new era with brand new services, we felt that a fresh look was the perfect way to kickstart those changes. So the design followed the will to upgrade the brand. With that came a few new considerations:

  • We had to become even more simple and elemental, to convey the idea that we remain focused and down to earth

  • We had to focus on the core of our new digital services, therefore we had to present ourselves in a way that was easy to remember

  • We were stepping in a more corporate sphere, so we had to reflect this new maturity

  • Our branding had to softly inspire while remaining quiet and avoid becoming dominant

A new drive

  • We want to appeal to as many people as possible

  • We want to present ourselves in the clearest and efficient way possible

  • You should remember our name and logo as soon as you have seen it once in your life

  • We want to be elegant and concise, clean cut and fully trimmed without fluff

Our solution

  • New colour scheme: a light blue that is corporate yet soothing

  • A new take on the font: simple yet uniquely ours (yes we modified it!)

  • Proportions: there is beauty and harmony in geometry, so carefully positioned each letter of the new logo

  • Multi-formats: our new branding works alongside technology, where formats and sizes abound

So what do you think about our new branding? Is it working for you or did we miss something? If it was up to you, what would you change?
Let us know in the comment section below!

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