yechte expands in Belgium

Our new office in Brussels opens its doors!

New horizons...

At the heart of the European Union, yechte opens a new office. Our mission is to empower people and organisations to succeed through digital transformation. Over the last few years, we have transformed the way people work and connect with technology. We are inspired by the genuine belief that we can change the world for the better. Our new office in Brussels will focus on that: supporting clients with Business Analysis and Project Management services.

Expansion through Europe

This expansion is timely, with a rebranding and growth of the services offered to our client base in Europe. In this context, we felt that Brussels would be the perfect setting. A mature and international business environment, and a place for strategic relationships. Brussels offer a perfect work-life balance and we appreciate the Belgian's social model. It offers great opportunities for life-quality enhancements and career development.

Focus on Business Intelligence

The prime focus of our new office will be to offer Business Analysis services and more specifically in the area of Business Intelligence. Our team will collaborate with organisations in the private and public sectors, in setting up advanced data modelling and analysis strategies. 

What it means for you

Here in Belgium, you'll find out how we are driving advances in digital transformation, developing new ways for people to interact with technology at home, at work and on the move, while transforming private and public services. We support the Belgian economy, employ people, contribute to the social system and engage at all level of the society. yechte remains a young and small company. We position ourselves at the crossroad between technology and the current big data revolution. With our presence in Belgium, we'll be closer to you, and remain at the centre of tomorrow's digital transformation for the European Union, and beyond.

In a nutshell

  • New office at the heart of the European Union

  • Our new office goes hand-in-hand with our wider company expansion plan

  • Our new office will focus on digital Business Analysis and Project Management services

  • We have started to employ our first staff members and are proud to contribute to the Belgian social economy through various initiatives

  • We are already engaged in Business Intelligence projects in the Fintech and Insurance sectors

yechte's new branding
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