New UX Designer joins our EU team

A new UX specialist consultant joins the yechte EU team

With a growing business in Belgium, we are happy to announce the recruitment of our new UX Consultant to join our EU office in Brussels.

After observing a growing demand for our digital services to Banks and Financial Institutions across the EU this year, we have decided to hire a UX Designer, to focus on areas of specialism for interaction design deliverables.

At yechte, we aim to produce holistic End-2-End customer journeys that transform the digital experience. With this in mind, we have gone on with recruiting a new UX consultant that will help us bring extra expertise on the following deliverables:

  • Assisting our clients with rebranding and bespoke graphic design services

  • Engaging in the production of unique digital assets

  • Creating better digital Customer Experiences

  • Support for our growing consultancy services

  • A focus on wireframing and prototyping efficient web and mobile solutions

  • A delivery of UX services for the Banking, Telecom and Fintech sectors

We will continuously update our readers on the latest technological transformation on a regular basis with original content.

If you are interested in discussing this more and find out how this service can benefit your organisation, call our team for a free consultation on +32 (0) 2 831 19 86

We are delighted to have a new UX Designer to join our growing team in Brussels.

May our company continue to inspire employees on a path of personal development & professional growth.

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