yechte Release Notes

yechte Release Notes
Yechte Software Development Pvt Ltd, Ruby Chauhan

Yechte 5.1 – Sales and customer engagement

v5.1.12.3 (17 Oct 2021)
  • New FAQs section added to the site
  • New Internship section added to the site
  • New Tech Stacks Building Block added to the Home page
  • Various improvements to the website’s overall user experience (UX)
v5.1.12.2 (07 Sep 2021)
  • Content update to various sections of the site
  • Optimisation of the various contact forms
  • Revamped office location Building Block on the contact us page
  • New search functionality has been added to the back-end to screen candidates quicker
  • Various improvements to the website’s overall user experience (UX)
v5.1.12 (06 Aug 2021)
  • Dynamic fields added to the job opening templates
    • Dynamic fields for the automation of the date and location
    • Responsiveness CSS fixed for mobile devices
  • Dynamic Social Media sharing functionality added to the “Latest Jobs” section
  • Various improvements to the website’s overall user experience (UX)
v5.1.11 (23 July 2021)
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of use template update
  • Design layout update of the Insights section
  • All visual assets have been treated through AI and upscaled to fit hi-res displays. Optimisation through WebP format
  • UI improvements to the contact forms
  • Development of new responsive mass mailing templates
  • Space and alignment adjustments made to several building blocks
  • Various customer experience improvements
v5.1.10 (02 July 2021)
  • Added latest jobs section on home page, consulting, and about us
  • Upgrade job detail page, also added social icons
  • Updated case study detail page
  • Updated social icons on blog page
  • Updated building blogs and updated semantic tags for forms
v5.1.9 (11 June 2021)
  • Updated semantic tags for all pages
  • Updated team section on about us page
  • Updated building blog on solution page
  • Updated news and highlight building blog and related case study
  • Upgraded section and icons on contact us page
  • Added newsletter for the clients, employees and policy
v5.1.8 (28 May 2021)
  • Upgrade CRM form and capture detailed feedback for the candidates and also fetched in report
  • Updated icons on solution page
  • Upgrade Contact form and added information to connect with us
  • Updated header design and added separate logo for mobile
  • Update privacy policy link for cookies button
v5.1.7 (21 May 2021)
  • Google drive integration to upload resume on external device
  • Added candidate master to fill details of candidate and also linked it with Leads
  • Improved release notes section and release first section made dynamic
  • Improved semantic tags on all the pages
  • Updated contact page by adding a new button of contact
  • Added zoom hover effect on all images of case study
  • Case studies detailed page: Upgrade BB: add CTA to link with the website
v5.1.6 (30 Apr 2021)
  • Release version in footer made dynamic
  • Added identifying headings to all sections on website
  • Improved career page and also case study page
  • Css changes on testimonials section on home page
v5.1.5 (16 Apr 2021)
  • Optimise lazy load functionality on home page and improved CDN libraries
  • Upgrade CRM lead form to fill the extra detail
  • Updated details of new team members on about us page
  • Updated CRM report to fetch lead data on the basis of sales team
  • Added category on expense form to define separate types of expenses
v5.1.4 (26 Mar 2021)
  • Optimise CRM Report
  • Added validation
v5.1.3 (12 Mar 2021)
  • Added report to analyse total monthly leads
    • Total Leads Generated for whole month
    • Statistics
  • Upgrade CRM form
    • Added functionality to create requirement as parent lead
    • Team allocation process for requirement or parent lead
    • Assign parent on all childs leads
  • Added new section for client testimonials
  • Upgrade all forms on website
    • Made more user friendly
    • Added more validation
  • Optimise icons
  • CSS fixes
v5.1.1 (01 Mar 2021)
  • Refined web content
  • Emphasis on a greater mobile experience
    • Responsiveness
    • CSS fixes
  • reCaptcha Optimisation and Validation
  • General fixes to the user experience
v5.1.0 (19 Feb 2021)
  • Visual assets loading optimisation
  • Security
    • Https2 standard protocol
    • CDN activation
    • Captcha
  • General fixes to the user experience

Yechte 5.0 – Baseline release

v5.0.0 (16 Oct 2020)
  • New website + ordering flow
  • New sales + invoicing module
  • Insights section
  • Careers job board