yechte Release Notes

yechte Release Notes
Yechte Software Development Pvt Ltd, Ruby Chauhan

Yechte 5.2 – Sales and customer engagement

v5.2.1 (16 Mar 2023)
  • Leave Management: Employees can now create leave requests directly from the portal, making it easier to manage time off. We have also implemented new rules and regulations in line with company policies to ensure smooth leave management. Leave request process has been improved.
  • Consultancy Section: A new consultancy section has been added to the portal, providing clients with easy access to our consultants.
  • Attendance Management: Our Belgian team can now submit their monthly attendance reports directly from the portal, streamlining the attendance management process.
  • Payroll Management: New payroll features have been added, making it easier to manage employee payroll.s
  • Contract Expiration Reminders: A contract expiration reminder feature has been added to the portal, alerting HR and managers when an employee's contract is about to expire.
  • Anti-slavery Act: A new anti-slavery page has been added to the footer of our portal, demonstrating our commitment to ethical and socially responsible practices.
  • Appointment Management: A new feature for appointment management has been implemented, enabling clients to set meetings directly with consultants and managers. Moreover, this section has been linked with our ERP system, allowing appointment scheduling for consultants and managers.
v5.1.12.3 (17 Oct 2021)
  • New FAQs section added to the site
  • New Internship section added to the site
  • New Tech Stacks Building Block added to the Home page
  • Various improvements to the website’s overall user experience (UX)
v5.1.12.2 (07 Sep 2021)
  • Content update to various sections of the site
  • Optimisation of the various contact forms
  • Revamped office location Building Block on the contact us page
  • New search functionality has been added to the back-end to screen candidates quicker
  • Various improvements to the website’s overall user experience (UX)
v5.1.12 (06 Aug 2021)
  • Dynamic fields added to the job opening templates
    • Dynamic fields for the automation of the date and location
    • Responsiveness CSS fixed for mobile devices
  • Dynamic Social Media sharing functionality added to the “Latest Jobs” section
  • Various improvements to the website’s overall user experience (UX)
v5.1.11 (23 July 2021)
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of use template update
  • Design layout update of the Insights section
  • All visual assets have been treated through AI and upscaled to fit hi-res displays. Optimisation through WebP format
  • UI improvements to the contact forms
  • Development of new responsive mass mailing templates
  • Space and alignment adjustments made to several building blocks
  • Various customer experience improvements
v5.1.10 (02 July 2021)
  • Added latest jobs section on home page, consulting, and about us
  • Upgrade job detail page, also added social icons
  • Updated case study detail page
  • Updated social icons on blog page
  • Updated building blogs and updated semantic tags for forms
v5.1.9 (11 June 2021)
  • Updated semantic tags for all pages
  • Updated team section on about us page
  • Updated building blog on solution page
  • Updated news and highlight building blog and related case study
  • Upgraded section and icons on contact us page
  • Added newsletter for the clients, employees and policy
v5.1.8 (28 May 2021)
  • Upgrade CRM form and capture detailed feedback for the candidates and also fetched in report
  • Updated icons on solution page
  • Upgrade Contact form and added information to connect with us
  • Updated header design and added separate logo for mobile
  • Update privacy policy link for cookies button
v5.1.7 (21 May 2021)
  • Google drive integration to upload resume on external device
  • Added candidate master to fill details of candidate and also linked it with Leads
  • Improved release notes section and release first section made dynamic
  • Improved semantic tags on all the pages
  • Updated contact page by adding a new button of contact
  • Added zoom hover effect on all images of case study
  • Case studies detailed page: Upgrade BB: add CTA to link with the website
v5.1.6 (30 Apr 2021)
  • Release version in footer made dynamic
  • Added identifying headings to all sections on website
  • Improved career page and also case study page
  • Css changes on testimonials section on home page
v5.1.5 (16 Apr 2021)
  • Optimise lazy load functionality on home page and improved CDN libraries
  • Upgrade CRM lead form to fill the extra detail
  • Updated details of new team members on about us page
  • Updated CRM report to fetch lead data on the basis of sales team
  • Added category on expense form to define separate types of expenses
v5.1.4 (26 Mar 2021)
  • Optimise CRM Report
  • Added validation
v5.1.3 (12 Mar 2021)
  • Added report to analyse total monthly leads
    • Total Leads Generated for whole month
    • Statistics
  • Upgrade CRM form
    • Added functionality to create requirement as parent lead
    • Team allocation process for requirement or parent lead
    • Assign parent on all childs leads
  • Added new section for client testimonials
  • Upgrade all forms on website
    • Made more user friendly
    • Added more validation
  • Optimise icons
  • CSS fixes
v5.1.1 (01 Mar 2021)
  • Refined web content
  • Emphasis on a greater mobile experience
    • Responsiveness
    • CSS fixes
  • reCaptcha Optimisation and Validation
  • General fixes to the user experience
v5.1.0 (19 Feb 2021)
  • Visual assets loading optimisation
  • Security
    • Https2 standard protocol
    • CDN activation
    • Captcha
  • General fixes to the user experience

Yechte 5.0 – Baseline release

v5.0.0 (16 Oct 2020)
  • New website + ordering flow
  • New sales + invoicing module
  • Insights section
  • Careers job board