Digital Delivery

Delivering your project using Cascade, Agile or Hybrid methods

We use the best technology available to nurture a sense of ownership and collaboration between every member of the project.

Digital Project Management

We put technology at the service of your project delivery.

Providing digital project management services means adapting management of a project to today’s technological possibilities.

Managing digital projects involves handling deliverables online or through an information system. Managing such projects requires knowledge of specific frameworks and best practices, such as the Rational Unified Project (RUP). It also requires an understanding of digital strategy, customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), business analysis (BA), user interface (UI), copywriting, search engine optimisation (SEO), development, quality assurance (QA), analytics and constant technological monitoring. yechte with its multi-layered digital offering is thus well poised to manage your project. Our digital project managers offer professional level services meeting the highest industry standards. They are all trained and certified on the most recent IT management and governance frameworks.


Digital project management tasks involve:

  • Draft meeting agendas and meeting notes

  • Assign and schedule project tasks

  • Schedule & lead project meetings

  • Lead and direct project team members

  • Prepare and track project schedules and budgets

  • Manage project scope

  • QA all project deliverables

  • Contribute to client proposals & quotes

  • Build project reports

  • Assess and check the project's success


Following a digitised workflow offers several advantages:

  • The centralisation of the project’s artifacts in a collaborative workspace. Giving members, managers and sponsors access to the documents and assets whenever needed

  • Controlling access to the documentation, especially confidential and personal data (GDPR compliance).

  • Modification control, to prevent duplication and loss of data

  • Uniformisation of communication channels to ensure stakeholders are up to date.

These functionalities prevent blockage situations where team members have to wait for others to share information, or rely on different versions to execute their work.

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