Intelligent Data

Business Intelligence turns data into value

Analysing and understanding data has become an immense need for most organisations operating in modern business.

Business Intelligence

Data is the new currency in the digital sphere

Turning data into value has become an asset for organisations in today’s business. We call this process that aims to convert data into wisdom “Business Intelligence”.

Specific tools allow business owners to understand what is happening in their business. These tools help them make better daily decisions.

Business Intelligence (BI) now offers to help improve performance in solving problems. Although BI is widespread, a majority of BI projects do not quite provide added value to companies. The reason is that BI projects imply many challenges and pitfall such as:

  • Availability of the data:
    The information you need to make the right decision isn't available to the business

  • Quality of the data:
    The data available to the business isn't accurate enough to draw the right conclusions

  • Project management structure:
    The way the project is managed prevents the right data to be captured and analysed

  • User involvement:
    The user isn't involved enough with the application for the business to draw conclusive analysis

  • Process modelling:
    The processes that lead to your delivery are not geared to generate substantial qualitative data

  • Change management:
    The organisation does not approach management with enough flexibility to anticipate transformation

Our philosophy

Organisations can't make an immediate transition from no BI to a mature usage of it. Thus organisations must embrace essential principles. We are aware of the ways technology is changing the world and how it will continue to do so.

With that in mind, our philosophy is to be obsessive about collecting feedback. Interviews are not always the best way to gather information from business owners, so we remain innovative. Our service proposal is to go with you to understand the quality of your data, and to extract the most value out of it. This focus on your needs is the core of our value proposition.

Investing in the analysis work is key to the success of a BI project in delivering value. We start with a preliminary analysis to assess the BI maturity of your organisation. We then gauge the business and technical requirements of a new BI application or system.

Our delivery

1. Audit the Information System outputs & business processes modelling ('AS IS').

Assessment of the “BI readiness” and planning the roadmap for improvement.

2. Process performance management and KPI development ('TO BE').

We seek an agreement with the stakeholders on the problems/opportunities faced. The output is the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in form of a “Business Scorecard”.

3. Proposal for the BI solutions.

We present the possibilities that the market offers for reaching the “TO BE” situation. We provide the information needed to make a rational decision (business case, feasibility).

4. Implementation and project management.

We integrate the suggested application into your operational environment. This implies taking charge of the implementation, deployment, and testing of the solutions. We also train and support the users, track the evolution of the application and manage change.

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